2016, William Harris Gallery, Rochester, New York
Materials: fabric, thread

Threshold explores the formation and relationships of individual and social identities. Elongated sleeves are made with different white cloths from white dress shirts. Sleeves—familiar objects relating to the human body—are deconstructed and transformed into arrays of hanging pieces. They accumulate to form a tall and flexible structure with an opening.

From a distance, we observe and wonder, what it this installation all about? How should we approach it? When we are close enough, we evaluate if we would fit into the designed opening in the hanging fabric. Then we act to fit through or to pass by this work. When we engage this installation, we decide to become part of it, to be included. We may be a perfect fit, but there may also be some gap in shape and size. We may have to adjust ourselves or alter the fabric to fit. In the end, we depart with some experience of our own. The fabric swings to and fro for a while afterward until it assumes its original form, seemingly as it always was.